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We are always pleased to receive your spares order either by:

1. Phone on 01452 723 492 from 8.30am to 4.45pm

2. Email to our spares department: spares@betamarine.co.uk

3. Filling in our 'Contact Us' form. You must provide contact details or we cannot get back to you!

4. Use Our NEW Online Beta Shop (Sorry Whilst In Development Only Available To Residents & Delivery Addresses Within The UK)

We have recently started our On-Line ‘Beta Shop’ with 20 to 30 different components - these will cover the majority of spare parts that you will need for your standard annual maintenance requirements.

You can browse through our shop without registration and look at what we offer.

If you want to purchase some spares you have to register. This means setting up a unique account in your name, with your address details for delivery. It will also retain details of previous orders for your information at any time. All details will be kept confidential; only accessible with your user name and password.

There is always help at hand if you need it, the following guides have been written to assist you:

NB. Europe is covered by an extensive distribution network for further information please visit our dealer locator by clicking here

If you have any questions please contact us.


Air Filter (211-62950)

Air Filter (211-62950)

Replacement air filter element for engines..


Fuel Filter (211-60210)

Fuel Filter (211-60210)

Replacement fuel filter..


Oil Filter (211-60390)

Oil Filter (211-60390)

Replacement oil filter..


Impeller Kit (207-09041)

Impeller Kit (207-09041)

Replacement rubber impeller..