Original Engine Specification Tracker – 1992 to Date


Before using this tool for ordering replacement service consumables please be aware that depending on the age/circumstances of the product the specification may have been altered and/or upgraded over time. Should this be the case, Beta Marine would be happy to exchange or refund any parts that are now incorrect and if appropriate update the products record for future use. However any return carriage costs will be the responsibility of the purchaser.

For products produced before 1992 please contact Beta Marine direct.

When entering either the WOC ‘K’ or ‘M’ number, or the engine serial number please take your time to make sure it is correct, do not leave any spaces between the characters and that 0 (zero) and O (letters) or 1 (one) and I (letters) are correctly entered. Incorrect entry of characters will deliver a ‘No result or No WOC/Serial Entered‘ error message.

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Specification Abbreviations:

AC = Alternating Current
ALT = Alternator
BWVD = Borg Warner Velvet Drive
DC = Direct Current
EPA = US Environmental Protection Agency Registered
E/S = Electric Start
H/E = Heat Exchanger Cooled
INS RET = Insulated Return
K/C = Keel Cooled
POLYVEE = Optional Polyvee Belt Drive
PTO = Power Take Off
RAD = Radiator Cooled
SS = Soft Shift
TBC = To Be Confirmed
TV = Trolling Valve
W I B = Water Injection Bend
N/A = Not Applicable/Available
CARRIER ENGINE BLOCK = No Mechanical Fuel Lift Pump, Electric Fuel Lift Pump Fitted In Lieu

Please Note:

WOC numbers are unique but engine serial numbers can be duplicated but never in the same engine family, when searching by engine serial number and this occurs you will offered both specifications, please select the correct engine family that correlates to your product

Request a Specification Update:

Beta Marine fastidiously work hard to ensure that the details we hold on our engines is accurate to ensure that long term we can provide the correct servicing consumables. However, over time alterations and/or upgrades may have been made to the original engine build specification. If this is the case with your engine, you can submit a specification update request by filling in and submitting the form below. Please ensure you upload supporting specification update photograph/s – these will be added to the engine original build history images already on file and is mandatory for a specification update change of record approval.

Please ensure you upload supporting specification update photographs.

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